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The screen flickers on, and it revealed Zeke, with his head down, antennae back, and shaking slightly. 
"Why? After... all... the shit I've been through... why would she do this to me...?" he lifts his head up to reveal the eyepatch on his right eye, and the scars above, and beneath it, that the eyepatch failed to cover. "That's all I can ask now... 'Why'..." he slams his fist down suddenly, his eye filling with tears. 
"After all I've done for her! All I've sacrificed! All I've given up and had torn away from me to be with her! Hell, even my own brother wouldn't speak to me because of her!" his blue-grey eye, filled with hatred, hurt, and utter sadness, seemed to turn into liquid crystal as the tears ran down his face. "Why...?" he asked, again, though knowing he wouldn't get a response. He choked down a sob, his normally composed and proper self, now an utter mess. "S-Sin... my love... my... promised wife has... left me. She took our daughter, and she left me. A-as... I grasped her shoulder, nearly begging her to stay... She lashed out at me... and... she has taken the sight of my right eye with her. Along with my daughter... and my life... my sanity..." 

He paused, taking a shaky breath. "She... clawed out my eye... and... as I lied there... bleeding and begging for her to stay... she..."- he gulped, choking back another sob- "smiled. My... my love smiled at my pain... I would have never thought she'd smile at me... in such a way. And Nayeli... my baby girl... my cherished little girl... clasped in her arms. Our daughter. 

"I wonder.... if that's all she desired from me... the child she had taken away. That's all she ever said she wanted. That, and love. And... I had provided her with... all that... and more. And she just... left..." he put his face in his hands, breaking down and sobbing. "I loved... I love her still so much! Why?" he continued, asking the same question, and sobbing. After a few minutes, he calmed down, and wiped his eye, and under his eye-patch as a habit, flinching in pain at the still fresh wounds. "It's been three whole days... this isn't like when she left me for that... idiot... no... I know she's not coming back. The cruel smile on her face made that clear to me." 

He sighed, and lied his head down on the desk, staring at the camera. "Dez... I admit, had warned me of her cruelty. She had hosted Sin... and the poor girl has seen enough to know the Goddess better than anyone. I was a fool to think I knew her better. Dez has been... a loyal friend through this. She hasn't once complained about my behavior... helping me out of bed, forcing me to eat, even watching me as a bathe to make sure I don't" -he cleared his throat- "'attempt' anything. She's even dealt with me lashing out at her. Although those times are rare, I admit to a few... 

"I don't know how, exactly, she does this... this whole... caring thing... even if she hates you, even if you've wronged her, and even if she has her own problems to take care of... she's always there for you when you need someone. Of course, she'll deny having such a large heart. It's just how she is. But it's there, and it's very large, and she's such... she's so much like mother." he sighed, biting down on his bottom lip and trying not to remember his long-dead parents. "Sin... she was never like that. She was so utterly... selfish that she only cared about herself and her own problems. Everything was about her. What was wrong with you, immediately was compared to her own life. Her focus was to have a child, and yet she can't even really care for one. She... all these flaws... so many that I cannot go on, for it would take days. Why didn't I notice them before...?" he sighed and leaned back in his chair, flattening his antennae down. 

He bit his lip, before slamming his hand down on the desk, hard, the sudden change in emotion spiking his antennae, as the do when he's angry or alert. "GOD DAMMIT!" he yelled, throwing papers down. "I loved her! I STILL DO! Why is it ANYTHING I love, or cherish, or become attached too is torn away from me? Why can't I be happy for once?" he began pacing, throwing his hands up and then flattening down his antennae with a shaky, agitated hand. His figure became shrouded by the dark room, but his voice was loud and clear. "Why do I still feel I need her? Why do I still love her after she's taken so much? WHY?" he threw his hands up again, then fell to his knees, curling in a ball. He sobbed, for a few minutes, before composing himself again. 

He stood up and walked over to the camera, latching onto the edge of the table it lied upon for dear life. "I-... I'm making this video diary for... those whom might miss me. No, I'm not committing suicide, I'm not a coward... but in a way I am. I'm afraid... my sanity is... slipping. Dez had explained to me what it felt like to start slipping into the catatonic state like she was in before. I feel the same. And I know... I know what's going to happen, it's like... instinct... I know what is going to happen. I know what I'm doing, I can barely get up out of bed anymore. It's further than just a depression... I'm numb. Numb, and then a flare of emotion. Numb again, and the flares become farther apart, and much more rare. 

"The sad part is... it feels... welcoming. Anything is better than this almost physical pain. It hurts worse than my eye. I just... I just want the pain to st-" he stopped speaking, his antennae perking at a sound. As he moved to turn around, the figure of a girl, of a short height, is seen. Her face is shrouded by the darkness. She sets her hands in her pockets, leaning back against the wall. "Well, that's too bad, Zeeks. I'm not going to let that happen. Not at all. I won't let you. I care about ya too much to let you mentally die like that. So, suck it up, twerp. And get your ass up there for supper." she said, an headed back up the stairs herself. 

Zeke stared at the place she was for a while, then turned around to turn off the camera. "Or... not... I suppose, since that bitch won't let me..." he allowed himself a small smile, the dark circles under his eyes seeming to lighten slightly as he did so. He clicked a button, and the screen went black. 
For now. 
Yes, everybody loves a good, ole bucket of Zeke feels. (Pronounced Zee-Kay) ANYHOW, this is to show how freaking evil Sin is. She's a bitch. I had gotten some comments from watchers looking at old work, and they pitied Sin. 
Don't pity her
She's an evil, manipulative bitch. 
But that's what shes supposed to do. 
Twist your feels, and then make you hate her. 
I hope y'all hate her now. 
She hurt my little Zeke. 
Even though I made her do that... 
Oh yeah, and she didn't just scratch his eye, she TORE it out~ 
Fun, fun, fun, sadism~ 

But you see, Sin isn't what everyone thinks her to be. She's not two-faced, shes THOUSAND-FACED. Maybe even more. You see, she is the very ESSCENCE of sin itself. Lust, envy, greed, and all that yummy sin stuffs. She is just... She's evil, but in moments of clarity, she tried to change that.
But like any moment of clarity, that ends, and she goes back to being the evil Goddess she always was.
Y'all'll see more of this... 'true side' when I'm able to draw the comic~

Sin, Zeke (C) MEEEE

P.S.: Don't kill me for not uploading the chapter sooner... this one is taking me awhile for some reason~ 
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jovialHarlequin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
I swear. That physically hurt. Holding back tears I mean.
It’s odd. To have known a person – or rather, a character – for so long and so well that their pain pains you. Even right now really feel like I need to get up and call somebody or do something – like there’s something I need to be doing. Maybe I’m weird for letting a story get to me that way, but what can you do… I remember when I’d been watching ‘The Walking Dead’ playthru for months on end, and when it was finally over and ended the way it did, I cried and felt the same way I do now: these were people I knew, meeting such horrible, tragic ends.
I find it intriguing that when Sin and Zeke were first introduced (to me at least) that Sin in particular looked like the most perfect, sweetest girl there could be, and I feel like Zeke saw her that way as well. But very slowly she started to show her true nature; her disregard, and cruelty. And even now, reaching what seems the height of her cruelty, one still feels as if there’s worse to come.
I can’t help but think of Gin and her similar struggle with Zim; finding him to become crueler and crueler until finally reaching the big whammy and doing her real harm. But the thing that makes Zeke’s tale just a bit more tragic is the fact that while Gin knew all long of Zim’s capabilities and was able to quickly move on, Zeke truly thought Sin loved him.
But at this point I can truly say that there is no way that girl could possibly LOVE. Not a man, not a friend, certainly not herself, and I can’t help but even question her love for her child~
But in closing, it’s excellently written and you know it. :hug: It's lovely, and absolutely heart-wrenching~
dezzidoodlebug Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, and rant was what I was hoping for, it was what I wanted. Sin could never love. She was never meant to love, or to feel good emotion alike that. Nayeli, on the other hand, can feel emotions like that, but has an unnatural cruelty like her mother. But will feel sorry afterwards. She isn't affected by death, she sees death as a release. But she can't die, which she inevitably LOATHES.

Sin.... Sin is the pathetic, pitiful villain in the story, when I got notes from people saying they felt sorry for her, I was crushed, in a way. That's not what I want, I want them to HATE her. And her hurting a good guy like Zeke, which was inevitable in this story, was a perfect way of doing that.
jovialHarlequin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
It's true. >:[ I mean, hurtin' mah Zeke is just... unforgivable! I mean, I'd dislike ANYONE who did, especially Sin after she lead him on that way. :grump:
dezzidoodlebug Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But that's jut how she is, thts what she does. That's how she plans it out. Lead them on, because she thinks she 'loves' them. PFFFT. But then, she she gets bored, she will treat them like any other mortal (that she isn't being fake to): Dirt. Crap. Scum, however you want to prase it. She will act like she LOATHES them, and probably does, for whatever reason she can muster~

But, she is the scum. And I do hate her, I hate her very much. As her creator, I can say, even I loathe her.
jovialHarlequin Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
But to an end, it takes real talent to create someone and hate them as well~ :la: Kudos, man. Kudos.
dezzidoodlebug Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
At first, she was like my kid, I loved that I was able to create something. But as I shaped her personality better, and made the story...
I started to hate her.
And I wanted everyone else to.
So I did. And now, she is... Well. She's Sin.
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